ME thinks he is projecting his physical appearance from the get go ... :)

In reality, I will loathe the day if I lose my wife or get divorced. The "children of men" of the dating world has made a complete mess and mockery of the whole process.

Not to say things were grand in the 1980s and 1990s either!

The big thing that guys miss and mess up "bigly", are the compliments need to flow from the interaction of the person at work on something they do or enjoy, or from the interaction between two people.

Guess what is missing in a 2D element? The spice of interaction. Can one get it? Certainly, but one should be very careful and precise with their words.

Better yet, if one knows they are grammar poor and fantasy rich, invest in grammerly and use it.

I do know one thing I would call out on the initial conversations would be something a long the lines of something like this (using the author as an example)

Hi Bev, noticed you were a writer and your writing looks good. Care to have a chat over it and maybe discuss what books you like to read?

As things progress, folks should learn ... hey want to swap dating horror stories, and would you like to share boundaries of what is acceptable to you or better yet what is not acceptable?

And take it from there ...

But guess what ... Hi, let me share what X physical trait I like about you .... is all you get!

Be well and happy hunting on your journey!

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