Men are replicating the value that they see that society sees in them. Remember the three F’s …. fight, flight, and freeze. The current environment that has spanned over the past 50 plus years, has “Frozen” the current societal view, and now since men see that violence isn’t the issue. They are checking out or hibernating.

Societies way (via capitalism) is to push people to work to feed and house and cloth themselves. People think “tough” love is hard, and now people are complaining about it.

Well if you think now is bad, imagine one with UBI or socialism based programs when the state is paying.

People love to laud the top 10% of America. Most people don’t realize that the top 10% pay 70% of all taxes and that 14.5 million people represent that. Care to guess what the effective tax rate for the 50th percentile is? 3%

So what that means is in “both” genders which more women work than men is that people are takers and not givers since the federal tax volume payment to change a person from giver to taker is roughly $15,000 a year.

So … sure men are “leaning” out, but frankly when 160 million people in the USA don’t pay any taxes or file, and roughly 150 million people pay 3% effective tax rate and 30% of the taxes with $900 billion in deficits every year since 2001 …. America as a society has some manning up …. or to quote from the Magicians ….. they need to clit up or ovary up.

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