Men do need to raise the standards bar and provide consistent and reliably delivery to women’s expectations. The real reality though is society has and still fails men across the board.

I am super happy women do not have to put up with low to no standards, can say no and walk away. The deserve that and then some; however, once independent and fully whole, relationships, children and sex are all privileges no one is owed.

The conversion of boy to man has been noted to be a socially built construct since boys really have no “marker” like a woman’s period, nor do they have an benefit or consequence by being able to give and bear life. So if people defer having kids and getting married that means society is failing and is on the downward slope to the end.

So my favorite example is a sexual fetish as discovered between two heterosexual people, the one partner has had years and even maybe decades of thought, research, action, and whatever to think about it. While the other partner says … WTF is this I don’t even know how to communicate or think about it.

Women get it and I am proud to know those that are whole, equal and making it happen are super human beings. But with that comes the loss of being able to understand that one has to crawl to walk to run with many stumbles along the way. So men (and not providing excuses as they need to own up), are going to fail and fail a lot and women will have to sit and watch by as they learn and deal with the quality aspects of it.

Men need to learn a new option to the traditional fight vs flight which is talk and share. From there we will figure out where to go, the only problem is if people desire the privilege of having families and kids, if equality is a red line and desired trait (As it should be), well expect marriages and having kids to be reduced over the next few decades … which is sad …

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