Men due to (their own fault mind you) not being taught more emotional control outside of three F’s … (flight, flight, and f*ck) are being properly requested to evolve and they are failing epically in a lot of cases. When women fail their are usually pretty nasty consequences due to societal expectations (defined by feminism as the patriarchy).

So if I engage guys on deeper meaning discussions wording becomes really critical since personalization will take hold and shut down the conversation and defensiveness occurs.

Should guys be babied? No. But the discussions women have had for many decades and centuries over and over has provided them PhD mad skills in gender relations and handling, while guys currently are struggling for 5th grade reading level ….

redlines in standards and expectations are blown out of the water, and sadly women have to take the messed up brunt of it. Men need to teach men in coordination with women, but what ends up happening is when two men engage that disagree …. violence follows. Should it be this way … (hell no), but this is a core subtleness to the problem.

Now as to the depth of your writing :) I haven’t dug deeper into your other articles … as your current article broke my literary cherry :-p … (joking), so I just looked at as a first encounter. I do like what you wrote and that is why I took the time to respond because I see some really good stuff here …

As for movie examples, I get you 100%. My better example is Ghostbusters, but as for Star Wars (which I watched) I think they did a good job of mixing up the feminist and non-traditional views. The problem is the character interaction was bland, and the writing and execution was not that great compared to the last two sets of “three” Star Wars movies. So given what happened with Paul Fieg using gender to sell movies and getting a backlash of epic proportions in coordination with the hot mess of 2016, we have had a watering down of the movie work which people may sense but may based upon intent blame on feminism instead of understanding it was due to the directing and acting of the output of the movie.

Zero tolerance has created a situation where men need to gender “man up” (I hate that phrase) without being negatively stoic. When a group has a common “enemy” (call it patriarchy where biological males are involved), it is easy to team up and fight the fight. Men on the other hand have no groups and all they have a mirror and blackend silence …. Women definitely see it and want to help, but feel powerless also as they watch the guy devolve in front of them … it is a messed up thing.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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