Men need to obviously do better and it comes down to learning to manage emotions better. Once guys know the work involved in doing so it can open their eyes to the work involved and being done by women.

That being said, nature is a twisted karmic dick/bitch …. Once women feel confident and secure and even game for transactional sex later in life, men’s bodies show that get of time and the role flip.

They key is to realize there is more then just intercourse with sex.

I have lost track of the number of platonic female friends who exhibit frustration with their partners or guys they are just trying “get some” who can’t, or wont. Because guys don’t really talk about this stuff not only guys are in the dark, but women make broad based assumptions about masculinity and sex that is always 100% wrong.

When I was younger there were quite a few one night stands where the woman got what she needed but because of personal issues and condoms I couldn’t get off so I faked it.

The question is was I part of the 5% or was there more. I am guessing there are more then women realize and part of the abandonment some women get maybe that assumption wrong about men.

The real issue is that men are showing they trust women less then they should. Communication is the currency in any good intimate engagement and IMO this goes far beyond a view of a harsh system as defined by feminism patriarchy. Right now women definitely have the right to be heard and men need to listen, the thing is though if men truly share and talk what will be said in return.

I know personally that when topics of reproductive care have been brought up the words and intent of women was the equivalent of suck it up …. So conversation stops … so we IMO will sit at an impasse with the status quo for another generation or two.

As for women I care about, I suggest they learn to enjoy being a sugar mommy and get what they need, even though we all know sex is best when there is emotion and connection since transactional sex is no different then mutual masturbation ….

Simply out it sucks.

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