Men should pay if they use equality or go in with a closed heart and mind. When you have the power and ability and leverge, you should use it and say no.

To not do so would be stupid AF, and it seems to me you are not that. IMO, it makes you an attractive and interesting person, who I might have a quality conversation and time.

Standards are important, and time is very precious. Any person that uses another for the sole intent of self pleasure wihtout CONSENT, is not a human worthy of being in bed next too.

I do hope that in your circle of life, you do find a partner that meets your ideals. I can't imagine the joy that will be released when you feel safe and secure and you know you can see that raw desire in the person's eyes next to you.

Why? Because when you consent to open up and trust because they have earned it, they are going to feel a rush of amazing that will make their mouth open, the eyes go wow, and their hearts and minds go yum.

Good luck, and slay those non-actualized men when they cross your path. Know I will be sipping my coffee and watching the blood bath.

But do realize there are dolphins of men in the pools of worthless sharks, and they silently go through life looking too for the perfect woman to love.

Be well

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