Men that don't take the time to understand women and learn how they tick sans sexual engagement follow this pattern.

One needs to support women in silence and quiet and show with actions (good AND consented) and not words ( an ally).

Women I have observed will give a blueprint of what they like and don't like, and they do so verbally. Listen and don't personalize and if overly excited learn to manage the deep thirst that guys have.

Then if you are lucky to have friendship and interest in more, make sure you talk and when safety is guaranteed make sure to share your issues since if you wish to have something longer then a one night stand make sure that the person on the other side doesn't irritate you with their traumas and issues, since we are all human and equal and all have a lot of baggage.

If you feel your masculinity is less because of someone else's words listen and see if there is a point and if not ... Walk away as that person has work to do before being a successful partner in the relationship game.

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