Mixed feelings on this. I always preferred female doctors; however, when moving to a new area I requested one and the practice I preferred to go to refused.

I am a rape survivor so the thought of a male doctor touching me well … you know.

So I got stuck with a male GP, and it forced me to go to therapy and this led me to be able to share in public what happened (when metoo occurred) ending a two decade plus stoic stance.

My anecdotal experiences have shone female doctors and nurses are superior. Their is one thing I did find between two doctors I have (female/male). The male GP has a 100x better bedside manner and caring view. Maybe I got lucky ….

I do know I personally find it out that a woman would have to have to have a male doctor in the most intimate areas. That doesn’t seem right IMO.

One last random thought is that most men might not understand this. Why? Because per the female doctor she stated that I am her only middle aged white guy that actively came in without being forced by a company. So most guys when voting or acting in these areas purely use bias in their decisions because most don’t have a doctor or go to one.

This can prove to be horribly fatal for voting situations around medical issues.

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