Mmm .... man-child and child what a combination!

My response to him would be, so you are going to be a house-husband. Good for you. Are you ready to do all the cleaning and household work as a professional husband?

No? Then go get snipped as having a child is a responsibility meaning you have to feed, and care for another person, and frankly you appear to struggle to take care of yourself.

I have little empathy for man children that through temper tantrums. If I look at what I have had to do in those 9 years ... I just can't ... why?

I have had to run my wife's horse business caring and feeding several dozen animals non-stop for one full year 24x7.

Helped care for a special needs horse which during a one year period while traveling weekly meant my weekends were spent feeding a bottle to a horse every 1-2 hours. I made sure my wife could sleep 8-10 hours on Sat/Sun and there were times my sleep was on a plane somewhere.

Averaged 60-80 hours a week "and" I did the laundry and dishes and non-cooking household things (you know the 1/2)

Oh and since my wife is in agriculture which sucks with cash flow, I am the primary breadwinner in the house.

Meanwhile dude ... you lived like I did in college for months versus years ... Now because I was busy and doing productive 'shit', I never was lucky to have children ... but you and your piss poor genetics and outlook want to replicate.

No thank you ... :) ... I will loan you money dude (to your friend) I will take you to go get snipped and will buy your meals for 48 hours post surgery.

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