MsA Costa It is how I processed the compartmentalization. Remember this Pandora’s box is meant to be opened and closed on demand. It was a critical box for humanity, so if you do need to open it up make sure it is important or to place something into it.

I also store lost loves and lost soulmates e.g.

I wrote a poem about how it is to be used as you finally heal. I have done quite a bit of this work and transformation with my masculinity

Why my masculinity and manhood is better formed is because I did the work. Now I am personally dealing with the toxic after effects did to my body and to my relationships (think like a superfund cleanup :) )

If the box is to be kept around you got it 110%, which makes you unique and special BTW … it is meant to hold hope and other important treasures instead of pain.

So for the loss of your dear one, you keep the happy moments not the sadness.

Remember and especially for women. It is ok to be single and alone, but if you do. Remember to self-love yourself, dream, enjoy, and live a warm and rich fantasy life. Why? You need to reconnect your inner male spirit with your female one. You need to lust and love and be free.

Just like walking a little longer every day or running a little bit faster, or in weightlifting push more weight.

Remember that as you need to fill the hole your dearly beloved left with passion and love, and connect your body, mind, and soul.

If it helps I have quite a few erotic poems to go with the more romantic. The poem I write come straight from my pure masculine sexual energy and love.

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