Murder, rape and death is criminal. It defines a troubled mind and a person who has lost control of the ability to handle any and/or all things. Toxic doesn’t mean “death”, it means to poison and to weaken and if taken in high enough doses … death.

Toxic femininity like toxic masculinity does not mean all of the gender, just a small subset of it. So if one strips away gender what are we looking for on average?

A person that always think they are right?
Narcissist (think always has to post images of themselves)?
Drama Oriented person?
Emotional Mooch (i.e. the vampire)
Straight Jacket mentality (i.e. Control freak?)
Chatty person that has to dominate conversation?
Uses Shame/Blame to install fear

So if one wants to track gender across it and impose a toxic “culture” of gender specification on folks, lets call out the character traits that show this. Men obviously have been well documented in this, but it leads to the enablement of toxic folks world wide ….


The problem is men lack the real tools and abilities to communicate, so they are not as documented in the public speak as women has done so. Obviously the documentation via word and text is far superior to the way men have spoken which is through a fight or flight response. I am not saying that men don’t have a lion share of work to do, and they own that, but to assume femininity doesn’t have a toxic view limits the accuracy and precision of the analysis of the human condition.

The thing is while men should not be patted on the back for the little growth that women have shouldered and shared for decades and centuries, but given the very basic nature of men, one has to remember society needs to understand when you invest zero into talk and conversations and sharing of weaknesses into the male gender for centuries, and then empower a persona that women prefer in society alpha six-pack athletic men, who are cool, chill, put together, and are sexual “studs” …. then disenfranchise partnering and parenting in a heterosexual context so young boys have nothing to mimic or mirror positively …. what does our society expect from men and masculinity where only the strongest survives.

Trust me I have met and let some really close minded and toxic people close to my heart over the years, and since I have trusted men very little …. what does that leave from the gender pool.

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