My 2 cents … depression.

They aren’t happy, don’t care for life and desire it to end, but they won’t succumb to suicide (and for those depressed please get help) due to losing access to the gates of heaven they are wanting to go to when this place ends.

I was pro-life but changed to pro-choice because the procedure is all about a woman’s body and their free will. I am pro-2A but don’t own a gun because traumas removed the filters that would prevent me from not using it when I saw rape, violence against women, or children.

So on this … my breath can be death, but given my health situation (due to moving a highly toxic area for my body [allergies]) I am more susceptible to death from COVID-19 then others. I survived SARS and MERS (barely), and I don’t think I will get a pass on the 3rd wave.

I wear a mask (P100) even though it does impact my breathing and will put me down after 30–45 minutes of wear (O2 levels drop 2%, BP goes up 10/10, and heart rate 30–40 BPM.

I have little concern for cry babies and toxic femininity and masculinity induced people, because I wear it even when it causes me a big tough guy to tear up …

I dealt with my fear demons based on real trauma, not some fake trauma and fake future pain that may never come … if a mask threatens a person … my god(dess) please stay away from me because my I can let my demons loose and they will beat the hell of your fake demons.

You are right … if a person is pro-life (ok belief to have as long as you don’t impose it on another) … you better be anti-2A, anti-death penalty, mask wearing, and pro paying taxes for education, police, and fire.

SMDH …. on the plus side …. for the ladies out there …

For guys that refuse to wear a mask .. steer clear of them because they don’t know how or will ever provide oral satisfaction …. and will suck as a lover.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.