:) My advice is to add an emoji or hashtag. I have done the same thing in my travels through social media where 2D text doesn’t show the 3d meaning :)

Maybe the election rules need to change and furthermore, maybe a restriction on how and when and where election work is done needs to happen.

E.g. if you look at the financial money flowing to run an election you will be amazed. In 2013, GDP calculations were changed and the net effect was GDP output was inflated between 2–3% over past results. Because of this, no one was aware that we actually had a recession from 2015Q3 to 2016Q1. What pulled us out? Billions of spending on an election. What output was created from this mess? 2016–2020 …

We only had two choices then we only had two now. This allowed horrible bigoted narratives to be produced.

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