My birth city (Cleveland) has reached a new level of pain. The opt-out rates in communities have created a segregation rate that exceed the time before Karl Stokes was Mayor.

Yes ... before the race riots in Cleveland created what I observed growing up as urban decay and blight and white flight.

I am no better so I won't pat myself on the back, I left the area to get a better job, commuted like hell, moved to a rural place (to save my girlfriends mother from bankruptcy and destitution [house repossessed]).

The ironic part. The City of Cleveland the rural areas in Indiana had the same blight feel. Crack to an urban center was meth to the rural, just flip the script to New Jack City ...

As for love, it has to be earned, it needs respect, and it needs care.

Today's environment does not treasure any of that, and the scarier part is given the economic tsunami coming, white folks may be dethroned. The problem though is the pie is going to be taken by the Chinese and Russians and Europeans, where they will say thanks America you stay over there please.

Action first right? For me I take the time to read authors, no matter how hard it is, and listen. I do what I can to support women authors, and as for race. I am educating myself to the best of my ability without creating the emotional labor on to you.

Marley as a white male (platonically of course) I love you and your writing. Keep it up. Be angry, shout scream kick throw things. Do it. Maybe folks will learn to appreciate what black folks deal with security forces, now that some of them might be hauled into a van. Maybe that will jump start their thought and empathy cycle.

Thank you for taking the energy to write this article, I appreciate it.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.