My cheap seats view is this:

The GOP will be able to spin this and take the thunder from the bill which will pull centrists to their side. It is easy now to label the DNC as far left needing GOP to save the Americans from the far left.

Then when they take over, they can do tax cuts and spike the deficit further "and" put the blame all on the DNC.

So they get to be seen as above politics, not crazy, make some bank for some areas where there is contention politically, and swing the pendelum back.

They can then focus on the systemic racism gross labeling the DNC has done, the fact that the border is actually worse "and" come back and say Biden said he would fix it and nothing.

Oh the optics are beyond wonderful strategically for the GOP.

Next up ... because of the Keystone Pipeline and renewables, just wait until the petro companies in the USA "squeeze" the NE with fuel shortages.

Biden's begging of OPEC (man oh man) is going to play so well in Nov 2022. The catch phrase will be simple.

Deficits out of control, gas doubled, people have to choose heat versus food versus fuel for their car, and then put the squad up as the poster children for the DNC.

Inflation will kill, and now businesses with a 15% AMT will get to raise the prices another 15% plus along with the labor costs, and my pipe dream of seeing only 10% inflation every year through the decade will look pretty damn rosy.

All one has to do is remember the 1970s mantra that sank Jimmy Carter.

Can't heat your house wear a sweater .... oh wait that sweater is on a boat outside the port of LA ....

This is a very very dark view, but if one isn't prepared for the shit fest that will be coming complements of inflation ... well people will live with emotion.

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