My concern is that intellectually his analysis is weak and misleading. His facts are not solid and can be refuted.

The reality is there are two “horse-persons of the apocalypse”, death and blight. America does not have a social net like other countries so the New Zealand response can’t be done, and further more America is a very large country with independence and liberty at its core. There is no social construct which allows what people are asking, and if it was implemented there would be far more death.

I stated in my initial premise that America’s death rate was expected to be higher than the world average. I gave reasons why in my response.

What did that OP respond with? America sucks and is dying.

Social mitigation is being done, the problem is a multifactor issue. America did not make the masks or the test gear to do this. It outsourced it to China and Europe. China purposely took American supplies and hoarded them and then shut off the supplies to America.

Therefore, we had no capacity to protect the populace. Why? Government Gridlock and a fight over health care due to reproductive rights. The fight for reproductive rights (ACA) was far more important to some then the ability to have a low cost health care system and responsive one. Ideology trumped reality ….

I do get angry when people mock those that are weak and struggling. This is called a “call out”. His data and article could be raised to a bar of support that I could support and I gave him suggestions …. which is more than he gave to the rest of us. Divisiveness never solved anything.

For the record, I have a horse farm and I have dealt with Strangles and Rabies on our place. I have allergic asthma and work with a pulmonary doc to deal with it so I am educated. I do modeling (large scale) and am successful at what I do without engaging emotion (I raised emotion some to spark the conversation). I also caught SARS on a DTW-SFO flight back in 2003 and was bed ridden in a hotel for 3 weeks ….. ( I stayed in the hotel and waited for it to pass) ….

So I get it … and I have experience in some of these areas. This author I hope takes a second stab at this with more data and backing, and I will read it and if he is right I will say so. But in this instance it doesn’t meet the bar …

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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