My food for thought is understanding straight love as a lesbian is the same as a CIS man understanding CIS women and vice versa.

It is confounding and foreign and will never truly be understood. Every gendered assumption made her from your perspective has an equal and equivalent one from a male or even a gay males perspective.

The other reality is to birth and sustain a relationship means one has to sacrifice and give more of themselves, and the core of it is sacrifice and compromise. Those that have success or even find a good relationship in the end figure this out, and the phrase you get what you give has meaning.

Sure thing women in hetro normative relationship can have the short stick in a purely patriarchal and strictly traditional world, but that world has considerable shrunk and quite a few folks believe it is the norm.

We base or judgements on our bias and experience. The truth is a three edge sword. Yours, the opposite of yours and the truth.

Successfully rebooting my masculinity required me to look at these things and to understand that my partner in life needs to be a counter balance to my gender and sexuality.

Where one sees a woman cow ing to a man, there is another man taking a knee like a white knight to his princess of love. I am also not talking about the stoic toxic view of this but one good hearted well intented love for service man.

For heterosexual women that is the needle in the haystack …

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