My male cousin married late in life to an alpha style woman and they later found out they couldn't have kids. They adopted from Russia and China and they had developmental issues.

They are in love with the kids and take care of them sans "influencer" status.

Do we talk to them? No. Do we talk to the fact that she is a fuck-ton smarter, more educated, a leader, and he is "not"? No. Do we look at the sample that is my parents family and realize that all the women in the family got married and had kids, and I can count the fact that my one cousin died from the flu (we believe he had HIV, me and my fucked up life, and my cousin).

Huh? Well our household was "very" traditional, some may say the poster child for patriarchy, and yet me and including me fucking failed biologically.

That couples in to the parallel view that I am not a man, just like society shames women. Fucked up epically.

I CAN NOT STAND influencer social media folks. Kardshians a multi-billion dollar industry? Seriously? For what?

Reality TV? Because people are sheeple and can't learn to be real people (yes I know that rhymes).

The only thing I watched reality was "Bar Rescue". Why because I lived in a multitude of bars over the decades.

When you get people pontificating about how they are the second coming, and trust me I have seen these wholesome people in social media groups as "saviors and warriors", I just want to gag.

Why? I know exactly what it is to wear masks. I wore them exquisitely well and I can see "them" and "right through them"

I am not going to pay for their influence.

I will pay and support real women and men who are flawed and damaged just like me.

I won't claim to be perfect, but I will share so if others "are" fucked ... I can say hey "bro" hey "sis" fist bump.

What I may do is put my words and comments into articles in a publication for writing, but I will also share that for free with people I love and care about.

We all deserve better.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.