My masculinity showing why not to dive.

A real man sits by the edge of the water and thinks about rolling his hand through the water, but asks … may I stick it in.

Then when nature pauses and makes no noise. He slowly touches the water and enjoys the cool feel from below.

He thanks for the gift then may I drink from this place. He hears the same pause, and cups his hand and scoops water to his face.

Once the water has quenched his fire and his soul, he sleep by the river bed while it slowly moves and churns around his soul.

He wakes up to be surrounded be water on all sides. He is very thirsty but he feels he might die. He looks at his hands all covered in muck, and realizes he must request a kiss and water so he genuflects and kisses the water to quench his thirst.

He realizes by watching and learning fromth waters movement if he is kind

To strip his clothes and walk through the place that look muddy and not divine. He walks and sinks with the cool silt below it goes to his chin he is shivering oh my I might groan.

He stays faithful to the muddy water stream he slowly rises up his body quite clean.

All that is left is his dirty feet from the walk.

He realizes it is not worth dirtying the river so he starts to walk.

The woman of the lake giggles and smiles. He will be back, and he will learn to play in my greater divine …

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