My only advice (thinking out of the box) is in relationships, folks need to look for their “missing” puzzle pieces. Two people need to be complimentary and do the emotional labor in both ways.

So while it is abnormal (which is sad), I think while it is awesome for women to say “yeah this is what I am needing”, they also realize “oh shit” what do I have to offer and/or “OMFG” how am I going to keep him.

If we look at a very poor analogy of the super model guy with the big and beautiful woman folks say WTF is wrong with these people. The reality though is “this should be the norm not the abnormal”.

Damn’d if you do … Damn’d if you don’t.

I do believe people’s priorities will change after 2020 though, because when folks realize that life is short and people can be culled at a 86 people per thousand when healthy and 1 out of 8 due to SARS just by breathing ….

Previous First world issues go away.

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