My partner is a 5' 3" redhead that can beat down a horse 10x her size. She has welsh in her and is stubborn AF ….

She is the same way. What I love (consensually) is when she gets super angry and tries to fight out of something …

With an arm, I can hold her down and she can’t move … as I wrestled in high school … well in close spaces … she can be made to feel really small and one of my favorite comments is … watch me make you disappear on this bed …

She is like you…. the advantage of the size disadvantage is and being of length …. I can shift my weight and rub my pubis area down on the right area while still in her…. she can struggle … she can fight but she realizes the biological differences are not in her favor “ever”.

She also knows I will never ever lay a hand in her in violence ever.

So …. :) let the games begin with your partner in the dance of genders and intimacy …. may the best woman or man win the race to contentment.

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