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2 min readNov 8, 2018


My partner is a hard core traditionalist female straight down the line in gender and in sexuality. She is also apathetic in voting and social cares and concerns.

What I do since I figured things out is I tell her constantly that she is free to do anything she wants, be independent and free and be empowered and that she is my equal.

She thinks feminism is dumb, desires and only wants the patriarchal male. Now as a feminist, I may not agree but it is her belief and opinion so I let her do what she wants, and I attempt to learn and grow and do more for the two of us.

What is interesting is she runs her own business is a take charge woman (think hot tempered redhead that is a strong willed horse/rural woman). So sometimes I just want to say … sweety you are one.

Now … the share is meant to say, some people live in denial (I did for decades due to trauma and upbringing) and some people won’t do it.

Present your case, give them the information and let them live, learn and find out the hard way. But don’t over extend yourself or add to your anxiety because a certain population of a particular gender doesn’t conform.

Instead for those small percentages (or large minority sets) don’t go there, in return empower the minority of men stepping up and those on the edge to drive home. They will be stronger battle partners in this fight in life.

I am a Texas Feminist Republican, and this cycle I voted all Democrat. During my primary I voted for all women and POC. So would you rather take someone from the female gender pool to convert or as a few feminist friends that helped me when I was done and hurting get someone that will fight to the death and then some for equality.

Meanwhile, on my homestead, I make sure that I do a heavy share of all of the household stuff along with trying to be emotionally available and there for my partner and support her on her dreams of a business.

Be strong and thank you for a wonderful article.



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