My partner with welsh heritage and red-hair fit this to a T. Guess what she is a Taurus to, to bad I am an Aries ... so can you say arguments!

Consent and delegation in life matter is what matters the most. For those alpha women (extra yeah and yum), realize you have the self confidence and moxie to make the world spin, and you probably have a more sensitive partner.

This means your roles are reversed in life, you need to apply the same adage of "girl power to him which may violate traditional upbringing. The thing is most men are never trained, never educated, and never loved enough to empower their own internal female warrior to rise or to rise up their inner male warrior.

So extra care is needed since it rips right into the soul, due to patrirachal upbringing and empowerment.

If you can do that which it sounds like you have done, then great. Leave the bossy lady to consensual power play in the bedroom, where their can be serious "fun" from that. Remember by empowering him in life to be strong, if you like to be taken, you are helping yourself in the long run.

Be well ...

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