My personal observation is I have not noticed "shit-post" writers in my feed, but that must mean I have higher quality people in my reading circle.

I don't agree with Jessica's economic beliefs, but I respect her view and her research, so it is amazing how she doesn't offend me personally.

I look at my time on medium versus other social media platforms, and it makes me happy as a person to limit exposure to the meme-fest trauma induced social media posts from left and right (and how I muted them), and took the time to work on trigger points.

You and her fit that mold, and it just amazes but doesn't shock me how folks don't seem to get that diverse viewpoints are a-ok, as long as the respect is there and the time is taken to read the article and possible the articles they reference.

Have a discussion, show and share your points, call out statements that are beliefs, share your views with research and "listen" and talk.

For the guys that may read this:

Understand the plethora of men out there don't follow what I state, so you will need to prove you aren't a troll. I had a discussion with a person on a feed, where a gender assumption flared up, and I apologized (my intent was good) if I triggered things, and after the thread was read the woman responding apologized in return.

While tense, it was an amazing experience because it was good that I handled myself well, and we ended the discussion positively.

There is so much that can be learned between folks from shared experience we all get better when we challenge one another. The problem now in our society is their is a vacuum in masculinity, which is rippling negativity through society, as a balanced society requires all genders to participlate equally and respectfully. Then economically ... well we are now paying for the failures of the Baby Boom generation to legislate propertly, the Gordon Gecko mantra "greed is good", failure to reproduce at birth rates (2 years out of 50), failure to save , and failure to be effective and productive and setup boundaries to not allow the outsourcing of the American dream to nefarious forces.

We all either partner up or enjoy the Hunger Games competition ... me ... I have a horse farm and work in high tech with folks, partnership always trumps the fight ...

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.