My raw and unfiltered masculine view with time is this:

Have as much sex as you want; however, if it is to satisfy the thirst, make sure you drink from his "masculine soul milk" (not his orgasm btw) first. Make sure your toes curl first, and make sure you go nuts before he "blows" his ...

If he makes what could be enthusiastic consent go to "um ok you are a one nighter", make sure to remind him his desire is the milk he needs to give away for free.

Guys will always say what about me, and sure if you are conversely with a woman that strings you out for a very long time ... realize she isn't worth your love and time and energy; however, women like Yael and many other's I see in my feed are.

If one can't tell the difference between the individual and the genderized assumption ... one needs to step back and take a moment ... or two.

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