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1 min readNov 13, 2021


My response is so you are ok with self forced consent? People forget that consent matters to the person you are partnering up and one's self and redlines and boundaries.

Folks that act like this are in the worst kind of denial, and really show how inexperienced and clueless they are on how the dating and mating and relationships work.

They are the equivalent of a guy saying he only dates bimbos with certain characteristics.

In my view (as a guy with a plethora of fun kinks and preferences), one should not omit a person due to those differences. They should find the person on the inside and see what the layers of the person is and then make decisions.

But if the chemistry isn't there ... it isn't there.

Congratulations for sharing what makes you go yum and there is nothing yuck about it.

It is a fun twist to life, where if you have interest in gender role dynamic and power role play. It could be a lot of fun having a partner come over and feed you ... or conversely, taking that societal six pack stud and say ... momma needs a keg "stat" :)

Peanut Butter? :)

Kinks are all about creativity and curiosity, and these are thing that make people infinitely more interesting in intimacy and in our down time with one another.

Only the bland, shallow, and boring would force yuck over yum on others in a non-consensual way.

Great article!



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