My therapist after I unwound my “shit” said this ….

You have a tremendous amount of rage from the past and repressions you feel.

Remember this, the female warrior in you was and still is epically stronger then the male one in you because not only did she stop it from leaving you, but she eventually beat you down enough to learn to deal with your pain.

Remember that, and then she suggest I learn about feminism.

After that my life changed radically …. now when I go into battle most people presume it is the male warrior coming forth, but they don’t realize it is the female one and the male has her back.

So yes I totally agree it is a compass …. it is also why I enjoy and desire and lust for strong and independent women, since my inner female warrior is tired and needs a break. The male one will protect and server, but he also knows he values and appreciates the leadership from the female side of life.

Yin and Yang …. those that can bring life … also have the ability for great power and destruction. Now my goal in the back half of my life is to try to give life and energy to those that need help and protection (i.e. protect their backsides).

Thanks for a great article (and for me a second re-read of it).

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