My view from the cheap seats is that your argument is false.

Sex addiction happens. It is under diagnosed, because people believe sex outside of pregnancy and STDs has no other negative consequences.

Sex releases chemicals like drugs. If drugs can be addictive so can sex, as it is based in nature. Look at a basic plant that can be used for medicinal purposes. If one ups the dosage it can become fatal, as such the same natural rules apply.

You are attempting to process this extremely hard topic to get, and frankly most people don't get it. E.g. they don't see heavy use of porn with masturbation as putting them on the scale of being a sex addict. But guess what, if a man is stressed and uses porn + sex as an outlet, and it prevents him from bonding with others what does that mean?

He likes to drink alone, which is would be like an alcoholic which is an addict.

Ms. Kerry McAvoy is a Phd. She is a psychologist, and she is certified. I tend to side with certified people and trained individuals on topics where they are experts. She is also human and has needs and can be blindsided like anyone else.

You know what neither I nor you know her story. We can't judge; however, we can see a woman who does this work come forward and say ... I was abused by a narcissist and it hurt like hell and I am even trained for this and I was duped.

It is a foreign experience for folks like you and me. Why? Because we are men who put stoic masks up and don't want to admit failure. That would make us look bad and may make us look vulnerable.

She showed vulnerability, and stated I am trained and I fell for the trap. Here are the signs, please watch out.

I would trust her diagnosis based upon certification and anecodatal sharing as being superior to yours. If you are a PHd and psychologist and trained in these areas, then I will submit an apology here and now.

Why do I know this? I am not certified, but I have done therapy. I also was sexually abused AND raped, so I did the work and therapy. I was trained through the school of hard knocks. I didn't kill myself though I wanted too. I used booze, smokes, and worked 60-100 hours a week to numb from the pain.

I got therapy and talked to this. So my badge of sad honor is some might consider me a sexual addict because I used porn and sex to numb myself when the booze and smoking didn't work.

Ergo ... Sex addiction as seen through three lens, 2 votes (me and Kerry) and 1 for you ...


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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