My view is any activity which can remove the ability to use a safeword or consent "is not" kosher/good/ok.

Anything that goes "hard", and for those that know BDSM, I am talking heavy corporal, and other extreme activities which may draw blood or scares, is "always" negotiated to up front. "Always".

For a woman who may desire a heavy rape fantasy and I am in charge we talk to it 'and' we agree to criteria and then a time range is given. Why the time frame, because any BDSM or intimacy as time limits and constraints, and yes this even should apply in vanilla sex with intercourse and penetration. Guys would get it a whole lot more if the woman is into pegging, and you agree to it and then she switches it up from a small dildo to something huge from Mr. Hankey and then says take it you are not getting lube.

I agree with you 100% with the criminal aspect. The submissive is in charge, the master provides the service and is required to be the one who gauges the depth of the play.

For those into heavy corporal a good person over a few sessions will raise the game slowly until you are at the point of OMG. Face punching is as far from that as human possible. It is assault. (period)

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