My view is given women can die during childbirth, the sexual drive and hormones will always be higher than those of men.

I started figuring this out when I would crash with my chemistry partner (woman) who was really beautiful (we were more like brother and sister) and what I heard women talk about with sex blew me away (I was 18).

Then later in life, I talked to a business woman trying to conceive, who received a higher dose of testerone. She stated she was always ready to go, but when that happened?

Boom. Sexual Drive is additive of hormones "and" how stress free a person's life is.

Society is not kind to women "at all", so the fact that women want to go get the dime-a-dozen dick and leave, should tell you something :)

Great article and references.

I do believe over the next few decades the accumulated society will realize what the damage of toxic culture of masculinity within the patriarchal systems will have done to men and their sex drives.

Maybe at that point the gender issues will start to re-right themselves, since women will say um dudes ... where are they are and you guys really really need help. Maybe guys will listen.

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