Alan Tegel
2 min readNov 13, 2020


My view is simple, if I am on top of the hill, there is space on the top of the hill for "2", but the real reality is no one is on top of the hill. Just a ledge on the way up the hill.

So if I am higher than a woman, help her up which means burning precious energy and helping her up and if she has velocity push her up.

Then that action given the rarity (for now) of men doing so, means if she is a good person when she hits the ledge she will cheer me on and try to help me up.

If she doesn't, guess what. You helped, and time to pull yourself up, but if you meet up with her on the ledge.

You do not have to help her again, because she is not worthy of future help because she shunned you.

That doesn't mean you can't be civil and coexist, just realize she is flawed just like many other human beings.

Feminism is about making sure women have the same equality as men from past systems, and for those that play equally, help will come equally.

The real reality the hill (society) is unfair, soul sucking, and well shit happens and rolls down hill. It has nothing to do with either gender.

You are absolutely right, men treating women as human beings will empower and provide fun surprises in the long run.

If a person is solely driven by sex, then having a partner that has zero stress and happy, means they will want it and want it a lot.

If we can get over these hurdles life will be better, then you know what. If women have the safety and independence they need, I have no doubt they will notice that the male suicide and malaise seen in men will become a critical societal health issue.

Then they will step up and try to help since they will have the energy to do so.

Why? Because they love and appreciate men, and if they observe men dropping off the cliff they will figure a way out to help because they are survivors.



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