My view is this ... If I don't know a woman, I will use my skills in chivalry and respect to initiate a conversation.

So I see a beautiful woman like yourself, and while I am currently committed, I may state. I love your eyes, or what you did with your hair, or your outfit.

I will empower a statement about your uniqueness and what I have observed that caught my masculine eye.

If you smile and blush or flip your hair with a twinkle in your eye, then I will then state.

My God what a beautiful smile.

Men IMO need to learn how to use the acts of subtleness that women use on men, initially, and when partnership and friendship happens, then they can slowly empower their more native "acts" of masculinity in being direct.

Life is a dance in heterosexual areas. I am a feminist man, but I also hail from a conservative area, and live in a very red and rural area.

I don't want a woman to have to hold back her individuality, I want her liberated.

And yes that means the same for women that desire a conservative and traditional view on life. Your body, your right, your desires.

Equality matters, consent is king, and respect is queen.

People try to make feminism more then it is sometimes. It is a statement and act from women in a harsh society that says ... everyone is equal and everyone deserves respect and consent and balance.

For there will come a time when more women take over and then realize the minority is men and then feel the awful burden of being on top. The thing is men aren't trained or conditioned properly to communicate and share, and with that horrible things will happen.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.