My view of folks that call themselves sapiosexual is based upon the fact that intelligence and their ability to converse and stimulate the mind on the non-physical layer arouses them. Some folks use pain and others need leather shoes, or latex, but those are objects or attributes in a person.

The way I see and interpret it is based on the fact a person that has a more fluid sexuality (i.e. pansexual) has a different set of things that excite them.

Is everyone this way? No. Do people misdiagnosis having high standards for sexual intimacy (definitely).

Does that mean there isn’t a place for the demisexual and sapiosexual? (Human sexuality and arousal is very very wide ranging).

So I would say I believe people probably mis quote and misstep their diagnosis of this situation. E.g. a person that truly is turned on by intellect should have no issue getting into bed with any gender. If you are say a CIS male heterosexual only, and you say you are a sapiosexual, but could not say get excited by Joe’s writing … then guess what you probably aren’t. You may have standards for the women you desire to be with.

Demisexuality I believe is born from an area where trauma and trust has a very huge requirement. Folks that have been abused or traumatized will require a true connection before going there. They should also scale (if you believe in thoe things) higher on the introvert side.

But your belief and view is cool and I see no issue with this being raised as it calls out and starts a conversation in a way that elevates people to help define a warmer and more whole sexuality.

Love your writing …. take care

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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