My wife and I have talked about this, and we chuckle. We have a farm and acreage and have no desire to camp or RV it. Maintaining nature is very very exhausting and when it comes to basics, who wants to clean septic tanks on vehicles or be concerned about the quality and quantity of water.

But we get it, not everyone is lucky or desires to live in a rural setting, so to be exposed to this can be understandable.

You are 100%, most folks underestimate what it takes to go without the creature comforts. A great example was snowmeggaden in Texas this past year.

To water our horses 3x a day we had to haul in a two wheeled wheelbarrow with a 50 gallon tank in it and haul hot water out to various points on the farm because of frozen pipes to the barns.

Living is a shared experience and it requires compromise and together/team work.

Twice a year I have to swap out my high tech hat and for about 5 weeks I have to play farmer, and when she goes to the horse shows folks will camp out in their horse trailers and RV and "live it up". Not her, she uses my lifetime status at Marriott to sleep with running hot water, working toilets, and room service.

Fun story: She went on a rant two years ago about a room key fade out. I stated did you not notice I always put you on the first floor near an exit? Huh? Yeah ... waiting for Marriott elevators is a waste of time and also notice I get close to the rest rooms on the 1st floor so in case of a key lockout you can drop it off get it reset and head to the bathroom if you need to while they deal with it?

She rolled her eyes over the phone, but I reminded her of that fun travel story and she said "oh" .... emotional labor with an assertive woman can be interesting :D

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