Neglect is abuse. So when the red states economies collapsed in the 1980’s, what did the blue, urban and democrats do?


In fact they doubled down and stated we heard your pain and you need health care and taxes and social order needs are more important then your ability to provide food and shelter to Americans.

So yes I agree with you that the red states are failed, but the problem is to an abusive government that promoted free trade at the expense of the poor in these areas.

Now we have people screaming how dare they (and in 2016) in a last gasp leap for attention. They elected a person that they felt represented the best of the blue and urban areas …… his name Donald Trump.

Four years later … it is the same old same old ….

To support your claim of excellence …. look at the average assets of a chinese household ….. it is nearly twice that have a white household which is 12x that of a black one.

Whose fault is that? Any incumbent in the USA … so go look at the ages and years of experience in the DNC along with the GOP and ask yourself what and who are the problem?

People will deflect with electoral college, and voting and systemic racism. The real issue is systemic racism “AND” class racism where the red and rural are just as abused (now) as those that everyone is now realizing has had an issue since the beginning.

Thank you for taking the time to go through and adjust your analysis to meet a higher standard. I appreciate that.

One cavaet issue to your analysis though …. you are comparing a society that is not mobile, not independent, and not free against one that is. This affects the mobility of the demographics, which effects the transmission of the disease.

Compare USA to Europe and lets see what the numbers show. As of this moment, the country is now starting to impose must wear mask orders which is happening. The issue is where Pakistan is a single state, USA is a republic (not a democracy) of 50 states and a few terrorities.

As a point example … Texas …. the Governor can place and edict, but it doesn’t matter as the county judges can override it ….

As for bias we *see* “you” now fully, and we know you are not a friend either as you take too much glee at the suffering of others. There will come a time and day for vampires to see the light …. everyone pays at some point, the reality is most people never see it coming when it does ….

But even with your views … even Texas can provide you home because we are more secure in our beliefs and humanity then you are as an individual. You could live in Austin and be fully at home …. that is why this country is far more successful then anything you can dream of ….

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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