Nice article. Dealing with trauma without infecting others is not easy.

It is the hardest battle I have ever fought in my life. The stuff I have dealt with in the past 5-6 months would have taken the normal biological male and made them spin out.

I did I deal? With a therapist and through being mindful. As I exited out of the madness and figured stuff out and where and how I followed certain paths.

You want to know what I feel after it all?

Exhausted and tired and spent.

So if this is what you are feeling as you deal with others, I know how you feel . The hard part of this all is I see myself conquering this demon.

The problem is I am devoid of dreams, desires, and hopes, but I feel it may come back one day. Just like you hope to see real men step up and not the faux imitation of ones.

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