No it is never a dirty word unless the acts break the consent bond/rule.

I have found that two of the main ingredients to being a good and amazing pervert is open-mindedness and curiosity.

Think about anyone you have had as a lover, sexual mate or anywhere in between. The more of the two of these attributes, the better the act and intimacy.

So being open-minded, curious leads to truly embracing and using all of the fun and (maybe not so fun) areas in sex that embodies kink and fetishes.

But (Alan) I don’t like kink and god help me I am not a pervert or into fetishes. That is ok too, because there are many delicious flavors of vanilla too, but you do have to ask yourself, does it not taste better when you add hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, fruit, pound cake, or an alternative desert like a brownie?

Me personally I am a 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins kind of person, and we all know that tasting a double chocolate with peanut butter ice cream delicious-ness on the next go makes Vanilla sometimes taste a little bit sweeter and nicer.

So there is nothing wrong with kinks and fetishes, as they make us all a little bit more unique and wonderful. For those that are still like .. nope vanilla for me and are heterosexual (or normative ;-)) , try to swing it up with an amazon position with her in charge …. role reversals in a traditional and tinged patrarchial world sometimes provides fantastic flip the script moments.

Now I hope others instead of hating … go out and get some love and care (or take care of yourself). If not … go enjoy some ice cream :)

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