No you aren't. I actually had a woman ask do you have kids, if you don't you have nothing to add.

I don't have kids, but I have birthed over at least 30 foals that I can count, and have had to put animals down. Nurtured animals, and observed nature.

My favorite non-story that I could share is my partner brought a 24" foal in weather that was -4 farenheit into the house to try to nurse it to life and keep ti alive. (foals for some of our horses need 36-40" to reach the nipples.

We bottled fed the animal for 8 months in the house. That was a thing that started as a bottle and turned into a gallon bottle of milk, every 4 hours.

8 months. I was traveling, that meant I landed at an airport at 10pm-midnight on a Friday, picked up food. We ate she went to bed, and I did it until she woke then I went to sleep. I did the night shifts on the weekends, and would nap from 8-midnight, and then I would stay up until 4am where I then took an early bird flight.

But you know .... :) I had nothing to add.

Thank you for writing this.