Nor should you, this is your space.

What guys should realize, if you haven't read the author before and it triggers you. Read more of the work, and see if you can determine the intent of the author.

If the author is a shitposter, and honey trapper, then blast away, but only after you have proof. Yael doesn't fit this mold.

In a hypothetical world with a hypothetical girl and boy, if she wanted to share a masculinity issue based upon her being there, she could.

If we pretend she was in the car with my parents and me and my god child (I am childless).

Let's say she wrote about something she observed with a male family member with a girl growing up. She could write it about how she saw me playfull pretended to pick her nose or lightly touch her ear in a teasing uncle way.

Then she would have written about how I stopped and said ... can I touch your nose now?

No Uncle Alan ... I don't want you to go over this line.

I said sure, and Emmy ... when you tell someone that they can't touch you, they are not to touch you. No means no, do you understand that? Yes Uncle Alan, so am I allowed to touch your nose.

No Uncle Alan, and I responded good.

The article could be how men can help young girls gain autonomy.

But of course not all men ...

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