Nutric doesn't mean that to me after reading it (but I can appreciate your view [not bashing it]).

If you are a fan of scifi it is like the star trek TV series where there is an alien that is a symbiotic host which prolongs the life of the host while giving it knowledge from the past, for the cost of sharing one's soul with others.

That would be nutric.

A monastery (Benedictine / Roman Catholic) is nutric because they share everything for the benefit of all men of the order.

That would be shared symbiosis.

What is funny is a type this comment my editor keeps wanting to change your word to something else (showing how little it is used).

Gloves off. There have been studies where they have shown if the baby is a "boy" it is no longer hugged, touched, or loved at the same rate as a girl. The nurturing stops. If you then add circumcision in with the mix, it layers additional trauma. One would have to wonder if some of these schisms starts the breakdown of consent and other things to boys in modern western culture.

E.g. you will see women call out (their preference mind you) that they prefer men "cut" that way. So my view is it fails your version of positive masculinity.

As for conscription, people say it is immoral, but they do nothing. This speaks volumes of their disdain for men and how it makes them feel "replaceable".

Personally, if this was brought up I wouldn't go there as it fits as too intellectual (and trust me I love intellectual). I might want to prepend this with symbiotic masculinity or something of the such.

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