Obesity is obviously a multi-factor issue combining mental and physical issues.

What I have observed for some that some may not get is that for some folks being overweight is of course due to inflammation and craving to get the nutrients to fight the battle.

If you combine those aspects with literally getting smacked down due to just not being able to handle the exercise, and getting shame and blame and literally crashing hard when attempting to do this … folks just are infinitely clueless.

SARS-Covid-19 and SARS and MERS from my observation (as I had the latter two “and” I have allergic asthma), kill people because the body goes crazy at the lung and pulmonary level and over weight people and those with asthma don’t have the capacity to be able to withstand the hit due to needing to pump blood through more veins (due to being fat) and having a cardio system that just overheats and dies.

Point example, I have really bad allergies (Cat IV) and I wear a P100 mask when working horse stalls. Walking, cleaning the stalls without a mask, my heart rate runs in the 100–110 range, restrict oxygen via mask it runs 120–140. If I get exposed to allergens my blood pressure has been shown to go from 120/78 to 140/90 …..

I can feel the difference. So there is a lot we don’t know … and a lot we do, and each human being’s condition is different. So one can’t assume ….

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