Oh and I agree with scarlett, I had this argument with a lady in 2004 after an election. She stated well my kids will have to support your social security etc.

I stated in what world do you think this is true?

I have no kids, I have no demands, everything I use has a fee (including the airline ticket we were on).

I was like FFS, my salary tax withholding is higher than the average American wage. I pay for your kids, and the roads, and all that ... seriously! But you know you had 2–3 kids, and probably barely pay for anything after deductions and what not … argghhhhh …

I had other heated comments, and I am far more peaceful a man now than I was then, but yeah. Wow just wow of the worst kind.

My #1 property tax hit for Texas is .... college and schools, and I voted for every $$$ that they ask for because I actually love kids and want them to have the best.

Then I think about this, and I realize I have a quote for this:

Intelligence is a constant in humanity.

Smart people will get the insidious dark comedy in this statement.

Then I remember when getting high with my ex-girlfriend (feminist the one I really don't like very much now due to her being “not good”).

I stated you know you have it all wrong. Feminists need to find the best / most acceptable men out there and make "more" babies because we can't have the not so smart out there having the population be made.

Crass/rude/presumptive guy was I ... sure. But the logic? maybe not so bad. ..

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