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Oh I agree on the social and caste in a supposedly caste-less society type of view. I saw it from seeing blue-collar folks, through my white collar and higher tech work I do.

The thing that stuck me is the foreign concept of providers in relationships where children are maintained and handled.

The fact that one spouse says, I don't want to outsource this and I want our children to be the best of both us, is very very important. In a patriarchal based society like ours, if a guy does it, it is very rare and uncommon. Should it be? No. Being a parent doesn't require a gender tag, it is about being accountable and ensuring life goes on.

He is the CEO of relationship inc between the two.

On the other side of social construct, I also see this is a problem of industrialization and urban life styles. If one lives in a rural or agriculture area, a lot of the "manly" type of view get muted in a hard way.

I don't have kids (not blessed) partly due to me working and traveling weekly, and having a very stressful job in high-tech. I get it from the woman's standpoint in the article. I lived it and I also met women who did the same thing on the road.

Only recently have I learned the enjoyment of not traveling and it has been infinitely more rewarding.

The other thing I see from the damaged couples is a lack of communication and honesty, which is damning for the relationship. It hurts and sucks to see it, since we actually need more positive view of this to allow the green shoots of masculinity to grow and provide more nurturer's in the male gender to go with the women, so more women can be providers and a balance can be seen.

The beta trope is so very damaging to men. It is the women dancing in freedom on a field snuffing out the blades of growth we need from men in society to make it balanced so boys and girls and everything in between can be whole and happy.

It makes me sad, but on the flip side I also appreciate what I have done with therapy and fixing my masculinity that if I was single again and these women walked across my view. I would be pleasant and kind and nice, but they would not be "tall enough" to ride this ride.

Solid liberated feminists who truly believe in equality, or openly conservative women who don't judge and live truly open and free do...

Thank you for the kind response.



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