Oh No you didn't would be what I would state in return.

Ok Boomers ... Guess what no COLA increases and we will increase the medicare payout required by "you" since you bankrupted the system.

$1 Trillion of deficit in the early 1980s. Approaching $30 trillion now "and" you have $5 trillion plus in social security that there is no money promised.

I have a Gordon Gecko phrase for you ....

"Greed is good"

Well grasshopper we are the ants and winter is here, oh well to use our Gen X brothers/sisters "whatever".

Individuals may have felt that they did good, but sadly folks can be judged on their generations end output.

Which we all can say in 2021 ...

We "all" see you.

As a white male, I understand the privilege I have and what not, my advice to the generation that screwed up everything? You don't get a voice you have to listen and empathize and let the new and real grownups deal with the mess you created.

Will it be irritating? You betcha, but you created the mess and left it to X/Y/Z to fix, and now you can sit back and say nothing.

There was an article in where a new middle school was needed. Folks wrote in and arguing how wasteful. It was built in 1964 ... yes ... this meant that My generation X and Y also have to build a new school because the previous generation couldn't.

BTW .. the old one is cinder block which is horribly inefficient for cooling and heating in Texas. You know climate change stuff ...

But my poor fixed income ....

Bah humbug ... you broke it ... you don't fix it ... it ain't negativity, it is realism.

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