OMG .... the naviety of that person.

In a committed relationship or with one that consent is generally accepted non-verbally (usually after enthuasitic).

My view is this:

I will take responsibility of your vagina, you will take full ownership of my penis. It is my goal to take care of it, nurture it, learn about it, and own it and make it super happy.

Without the use of my penis.

I hope you will take the same enthusasitic outlook with mine, and the same end result. Without the use of your vagina.

Huh, Al where the hell are you going with this?

The fact that your vagina may well be used means you will know exactly what you want and as you share your owner's manual on Team V, I win.

Now, being a man I am extra lucky in some ways (duh). Team V experienced will get to know about a lot of different penis's and their fun ranges, meaning you will have a leg up per se (ha).

But what you won't have given society is the most precious thing. Male desire and vulnerability, which with this game we will both "learn and earn" respect and consent through action, where you get to see the layers of masculinity.

This of course only works if one is honest and open


one doesn't count.

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