On a different front, I feel you. The last two years and months I am finally killing the shit shadows, and even finding where I am fucking up and starting to resolve the issues in real time (i.e. at women speed not man emotional speed).

I even finally find what has been plaguing me health wise the last two years and resolve it.

Work levels me and now I am trying to start the process of getting my body back and I feel like a mack truck ran me over, or how I felt after the first day of "two-a-days" in football but worse.

Cruel and ironic.

While watching "Comedians in Cars for coffee", Seinfeld was talking to Colbert and a quick comment women are more masculine and men are more feminine. Then he asked Colbert are you more masculine then your father. Colbert "Well my father used to smoke a pipe, now I own pipes that I don't smoke but I pretend to smoke with this spoon. I am the spoon."

The silver lining is I do believe women have the ability to process the anger and horniness far better then men, or the big question will they.

In a political blue wave, I expect men to retreat further, so women should be mentally prepared for that.

So the irony I see looking at our anecdotal stories is this ... you got your shit together and you are like yeah baby lets do this, and then in my camp of man I fixed my shit and my body said "no thanks" time to go back in the car shop for overhaul, which I am going to do ...

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