On my journey, to rebuild myself due to trauma, one of things that was requested was I actively look and enjoy transgendered women. I am a CIS-male, who had a lot of confusion because I labeled myself as Het.


What I found out is due to my soul and love and the trauma overlaying a demisexual filter that was very strong, I actually realized I was pansexual.

So, I see trans women as women 100%, and the most important thing CIS-males can understand is that through the biological male filter view, they can understand their masculinity and their counter femininity.

If I was single again, I would definitely be very much open to transgendered women, and I would even love them just as strong if they were pre-op too. They don't need to change their biology to have me love them.

One positive view is I have a very strong feminine warrior in me, which kept me alive from my traumas. I am not one that wishes to presents as one, but I am talking the spirit and feelings and empathy and the positive feminine traits as defined in our society. For me having a partner like this who has a male spirit also, would allow me to be taken and to be loved fully and wholly.

I desire in my relationship to be penetrated, but don't have that now, but I have seen the pain side of it 100%. I deeply desire the love side. I want to feel what women feel, just like I love to give my partner with strong female qualities the manly desire she desires.

Without that I am 1/2 the man I can and should be. Transgendered folks are special and unique and amazing. Because of this people that are bland, single tasked, an normal-ish, feel threatened because they realize this. In a world, which rewards uniqueness, only the bland and weak use violence to make them look unique.

Be well and thanks for the education, hugs to you (consensually)

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