On the non-sexual part, I believe we are seeing more and more of this come to light because of the emotional deserts spreading like the Sahara in America.

Deserts are areas without water, and in our society that water is authentic and mindful masculinity.

In the video, the common enemy is food scarcity, so men's protective warriors are harnessed, but if you see a subtle note to it. Only brothers are doing this, because the bond of blood is the thing that keeps the men from warring against each other.

The thing is though even in christianity we know that the family of love was even disrupted by Cain and Abel, descended by the fruit of knowledge. One cans observe it in this culture now.

What it does show (and I am not against poly lifestyles, I am for them as long as women are empowered), is the warning signs in our culture are loud and clear now. The only way this gets solved is both genders own and fix there stuff and move forward. Women in general are now sitting at the top of the mountain and more and more are moving up.

There is a problem though. They look around and all they see is more and more of the same faces, and look at horror as the men they want and desire give up, fall down, or roll down the hill of life taking more and more men with them.

It is a modern day horror story of the worst kind. Maybe it would make a good season of AHS: "The Gender Reckoning"

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