One could take the tactic if someone violates common decency and/or community laws, that the person stating it "and" reporting it should be allowed to show the information in public for all eyes to see.

It would be similar to what the country did and some countries do with taxes. They show what and who pays taxes. Sunlight kills bacteria and virus, and the same could be applied to things like this.

This will drift a bit, but one of the problem is people are very very "for" their rights on free speech and liberty (independence) and their ability to pursue whatever their happiness is. This is a natural good.

What people are not good at is the responsibility and accountability for being a citizen. They are not educated and they believe they take care of their responsibility.

The reality is far from reality.

E.g. Take our current expenditure rate at a federal level, and divide it by the population. If everyone is accountable (i.e. they vote at all levels, and they engage positively in the processes), then they would be making sure they pay the taxes they are responsible. Currently, as of last year it was around $14K in federal taxes (and this does not include social security and medicare/medicaid).

1/2 of of Americans don't file taxes, 1/2 of the remaining pay a negative tax rate to 3% (and that include the social security and medicare). The top 10% pay 70% of all taxes, which falls on 14.5 million people.

That for better or worse is what our government has achieved with it's tax code, which is 100% under control of our elected offiicals. What do the officials provide for us? Class and Societal warfare and trigger points, and rebuttal contrarian points.

Then due to systemic racism and everything else, people's hate gets inflamed and viola 2016 happens.

So we as a society need to look at how to naturally increase people wanting to do the right thing, empowering those that create a sustainable government.

(Like my voting example, or the sunshine communication laws and tax laws)

If we do care about single payer and other things like this, we need to look at the incumbents and realize they are everything that is wrong and kick them out (Curling Iron Pelosi or allow $10K SALT for the rich deductions Schumer, or allow free trade for corrupt countries GOP).

My solution is a Flat + VAT (tax everything no deductions) tax code, and UBI to protect the poor.

These are things that we should hope our elected officials can do, and then like exercise and eating right and doing clean practices in the sunlight. The words of hate my dissipate .

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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