One might have to question why they even had children. My view is this is about being an adult, and if you took the joy and responsibility of having a child one needs to adult up.

The sad reality is society does not value men who do this. If it did, they would take the time to help men communicate their emotions with words, learn to help build wholesome communities of men equal to women that emotional labor and the ability to process anger/grief/loss without the need of a woman.

What COVID is showing is the race to the bottom for both genders. I am sure it is horrific for women since it is validating their internal biases, that men don't care anymore. They have given up.

So this is a hard reality, so a woman finally has a man who wants to stay committed, is in a partnership in a house living a life, has kids, and now the balancing of the domestic labor required falls shorts slamming her.

It sucks. Something will need to be done in the long term and short term and now. The problem is how does one motivate a gender that gave up a long time ago?

This realization has to be an epic WTF ....

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